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I think it's encouraging that TD says it's been positive and he doesn't think the numbers are that far off. Hopefully this thing is about to wrap up.

White training in Alabama

Flowery Branch -- While the Falcons were pressing through a Tuesday morning workout in 90-degree heat, Pro Bowl wide receiver Roddy White was over in Birmingham, Ala., working out.

"We want Roddy here," Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said after the morning session.

White, who is the final year of a five-year contract, is holding out from training camp in hopes of landing a contract extension.

He's working out in Birmingham with Darrell Hackney, his former college quarterback and Atlanta native. They are working our with Lance Rhodes, a Birmingham personal trainer.

Hackney, who played at Douglass High school, was recently cut by the Denver Broncos. He's getting ready to play in the United Football League.

There has been little movement on the negotiating front.

"There is nothing new," Dimitroff said. "We are continuing to have conversations. We are definitely heading in the right direction in my mind."

White's agent, Jonathan Feinsod, said "no comment" when asked for an update on the negotiations.

Pursuant to the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, White is being fined $15,888 a day. His fine is now up to $63,552.

Dimitroff isn't expecting things to drag out much longer.

"It's been positive," Dimitroff said. "It's not something that has been contentious. I don't assume that it will be. I don't think the numbers are that far off that we'd be considering it to be a long, drawn out ordeal."

Falcons coach Mike Smith wants White in camp, also.

"They guy you're talking about [White] is one of our best 53 players," Smith said. "As a coach you want to get all of your best players here. Hopefully he'll get here soon."

Smith would not indicate if there is a point of no-return for White's hold out, since he's missing a lot of new information.

"It's not the idea situation," Smith said. "But in regards to what's going on, we just wish that Roddy was here with us."

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I'm not really buying that Roddy is missing a lot of new information, and I also think Ledbetter is an idiot for even suggesting that there might be a "point of no return".

Yeah, if he's not here by next Tuesday, the Falcons are going to cut him.

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