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What it takes to feed the Falcons


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Here’s a look at how much food the Falcons will go through during training camp:

● 14,400 egg whites

● 23,600 eggs

● 600 pounds of bacon

● 4,800 biscuits

● 720 pineapples

● 720 quarts of strawberries

● 1,500 pounds of bananas

● 360 watermelons

● 500 gallons of milk

● 3,000 (12-ounce) servings of cereal

● 10,800 servings of trail mix

● 1,680 pounds of lettuce

● 1,020 pounds of broccoli

● 1,300 pounds of fish (salmon, grouper, tilapia, mahi-mahi and catfish)

● 4,800 pounds of chicken

● 1,200 pounds of steak

● 2,550 pounds of ground beef

● 1,500 pounds of Angus beef burgers

● 600 pounds of shrimp

● 2,100 yeast rolls

● 1,520 fresh fruit parfaits

And to think it used to be double that when big Grady Jackson was here.


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I hear the Falcons players like their camp food.

Can't say the same about Chargers players. One of them just got fined $2500 for complaining about the camp food. lol


I can't believe that the Chargers were "bush league" enough to fine Cromartie for saying that about the food. They should have asked the players what they felt was missing from the menu's.

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