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Obama Joker

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u agree with the poster then??? I thought u supported Barack?

yea i support obama, but what does the poster say that is so bad? Socialism? if that is it, then what is the big deal. It is funny as ****, which is why i got it in the avatar.

if you support obama, I am pretty sure you wouldn't agree with the poster.

all it implies is Obama is the Joker, who was the best batman villain, and that he is socialist, which is not a big deal. our capitalism has led to corporatism, which is a form of economic fascism, so id take socialism everyday over their fascism.

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I dunno, it implies Obama is a socialist (not just the joker), which he is not.....so I thought a supporter of him would not agree with it. Thats all

i support the guy, but that is not a binding contract. some of the plans he has had have been pretty socialist, but many countries are socialist, like our allies, and we have no problem with them. 2nd me using it takes it away as ammo for the haters. if i dont take it, then some hater like btl fed will use it as an avatar to spread his hate for obama.

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