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Pass Rushing Productivity Article


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Have a read, interesting stats to note.

Stats that aren't mentioned in the article but relevant for Falcons discussion

Jamaal Anderson scored a 6.38 rating

Jonathan Babineaux had a 5.84 rating

Chauncey Davis nailed a 6.13 rating

Kindal Moorehead hit a 4.84 rating

Interestingly Kroy Biermann missed the qualifying play count in terms of rushing the passer by about 9 snaps, but his ranking of 9.39 would have ranked him in the top 50 of rushers in the NFL.

During the upcoming season we'll get these stats out up to date, but hopefully the Falcons can get the same production from Abraham next year.

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Overall Top Ten

1. John Abraham - 18.08

2. James Harrison - 15.67

3. Dwight Freeney - 15.17

4. Leonard Little - 15.10

5. Kyle Vanden Bosche - 13.73

6. Greg White - 13.64

7. Jared Allen - 13.21

8. Robert Mathis - 13.17

9. Brian Robison - 12.86

10. Willie McGinest - 12.76

Top Ten Defensive Ends

1. John Abraham - 18.08

2. Dwight Freeney - 15.17

3. Leonard Little - 15.10

4. Kyle Vanden Bosche - 13.73

5. Greg White - 13.64

6. Jared Allen - 13.21

7. Robert Mathis - 13.17

8. Brian Robison - 12.86

9. Mario Williams - 12.58

10. Julius Peppers - 12.44

Top Ten Outside Linebackers

1. James Harrison - 15.67

2. Willie McGinest - 12.76

3. Lamarr Woodley - 12.58

4. Matt Roth - 12.27

5. Demarcus Ware - 12.25

6. Greg Ellis - 11.91

7. Parys Haralson - 10.98

8. Bryan Thomas - 10.94

9. Shaun Phillips - 10.51

10. Mike Vrabel - 10.21

Top Defensive Tackles/ 3-4 Ends

1. Brandon Mebane - 10.63

2. Kevin Williams - 10.38

3. Albert Haynesworth - 9.98

4. Richard Seymour - 9.16

5. Shaun Rogers - 9.07

6. Jay Ratliff - 8.82

7. Randy Starks - 8.41

8. Sedrick Ellis - 8.39

9. Tommy Kelly - 8.27

10. Jason Jones - 8.04

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While I don't place much stock in the Pro Bowl due to the idiotic method in which players are chosen, it still bothers me that Abe wasn't selected last season. All the excuses I saw fall to the wayside when you see how terrified of him opposing teams are. Yes, he's a rotating DE but there is no way he wasn't one of the top 3 DEs in the NFL last season, and that stat furthers my supposition. Everytime he's on the field the Falcons have a real shot to change the game in their favor.

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Not really a nice find, I wrote the article (just stat interpretation really)

At the moment PRP Rating is more a thing in the head of me and the site owner using the data on the site. On the team pages it shows how much a player rushes the passer and then using the formula we work from there (we get all the data ourselves so don't use fanboy team scorers).

Hopefully with the new season we'll add some stat features and clear some things up so all feedback mega welcome.

After just finishing the first season we've ironed out a lot of creases in how things work so next year we'll be pretty much up to date within a week of a game being played. The Falcons review will be up soon as well so I'll post that when the editing is finished (its pretty long)

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I applaud you for attempting this. A couple thoughts though- 2 Pressures are not equal in value to a sack. Especially if the offense gets a completion/positive yardage out of the play. Same for hits not being worth 2/3 the value of a sack. When the D gets a negative play(sack) it usually puts the offense in a tough down and distance situation, often ruining the drive. When the D gets 2 pressures or hits, while being helpful, it is less likely to ruin the drive. This would be especially true on plays where the QB completes the pass. I think the values should be tinkered with and forced QB fumbles should also be accounted for.

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