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Alrighty my PS3 brethren

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I am finally online with my PS3. I have only played a couple of games of Mortal Kombat (just got router last night).

What are the coolest things to do so I can get the full enjoyment from this wonderful piece of machinery?

thanks in advance!!!!

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Make a PlayStation Network ID.

Go on the PlayStation Store. Rent (don't buy to own) movies. I rent a movie once a week. Download games. Some downloadable games like High Velocity Bowling, Wheel of Fortune, Flower, WipEout HD, and so on.

You can just browse through the store. Look at the most downloaded, look at the various games, etc..

Get some full blu-ray games to play online. Some recommendations:

- Sports games

- Killzone 2

- Resistance 2

- Call of Duty games.

- MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

- Warhawk

If you have any USB or bluetooth headset laying around, just hook it or synch it to the PS3.

Get some friends on your friends list and start playing games with them. Start accumulating trophies.

I spent 100's of hours playing Resistance: Fall of Man online with a few friends this way. I just log on, see them on, and get into parties with them. We would talk and play for hours at a time.

Playing online is free.

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Why should he rent movies when he can just use Netflix?

Because maybe he's not a subscriber?

With the PSN video store, you rent a movie, and you can immediately start it. It plays and downloads at the same time. You pay for the movie you rent. You don't pay a subscription fee.

When I'm very active on that front, I rent about 3 to 4 movies a month. There are months where I don't rent at all. In fact, I already don't have time to play games right now, and soon I won't have time to watch movies either.

I don't want to have a subscription.

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Can you even download movies on the ps3?

You don't even know that yet you're here trying to contribute? Your first post was stupid anyway.

Not only can you rent TV shows and movies in HD and SD on the PS3, but you can buy them to own.

Most use blu-ray though for movie playback due to 1080p quality. HD on the PSN video store is 720p. I don't usually buy movies on discs though. I only have one blu-ray movie, and it's a documentary.

yeah, it's a reallycool feature, but OP has a ps3 not a 360.

anyway, wom... i need a new game.... RFOM2 or Killzone2?

Resistance 2 is a far more fast-paced. Killzone 2 is superior visually, and has deep gameplay enhancements as you gain XP.

They've both really fun to play. You can watch reviews on GameTrailers.com or gameplay on YouTube. You'll see what you want out of their mutliplayer components.

I've played both equally. I don't have a favorite out of the two.

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Thanks guys (and gals). I have had little sleep the last 2 nights. The idea of surfing the web from the comfort of my couch and playing online is simply wonderful.

I have a long way to go to figure all this stuff out (I am not that savvy with techology)

Any other tips, etc. are greatly appreciated.

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If you can, get by on sports games until November. Madden, NCAA, etc. Maybe you can find a couple older titles like Bioshock or Uncharted to fill the time. Once November comes around Modern Warfare 2 will be the game to have.

Yeah, Uncharted is great. I'm definitely looking forward to Uncharted 2 and the multiplayer.

And if you are trying to decide between Resistance 2 and Killzone 2, get KZ2. While R2 and KZ2 were both overhyped, KZ2 is still visually stunning, and since theyve changed the game so much it plays a lot like CoD.

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