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privatization: yes or no?


Privatization: Yes or No?  

  1. 1. Which of the following should be privatized? (Multiple choices allowed)

    • Life
    • Oxygen
    • Water
    • Roads
    • None of these

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all the talk about socialism and privatization got me wondering...how far should we go in privatizing? what things should be privatized? and most importantly, why should these things be privatized or why shouldn't they be privatized?

so starting out with a preliminary list:

life: people should be supported by society until they are 18 years old. at that point, if they have not developed the skills to make a certain level of income (thus able to financially support themselves and their families), should we put a bullet in them?

oxygen: should we sell the oxygen supply to private companies who will then distribute oxygen to the public for a price, the price being set by the free market?

water: should people be charged a fee for access to water?

road: should every road be a tollway where private companies charge a fee for usage?

any other things that should be privatized?

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