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Quick Stats: Starting LDE Production Numbers, For Your Enjoyment


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OK, this might be a bit off, because this is LDE's for this upcoming year (projected). These will go in the order of ranking (from worst to first) of their rating of defensive lines.


08 stats (in sacks, because why not?)

Derrick Harvey: 3.5 sacks. The 8th overall pick in 08 missed loads of time holding out for a contract. His season was more or less thought of as poor, from what I remember hearing. Their commentary: "Harvey showed signs of justifying his first-round selection from the year before but will need a hike in the 3.5 sacks that he recorded a year ago."

Jimmy Wilkerson: 5.0 sacks

Victor Adeyanju: Hey, he went to Indiana! I didn't think anyone even got drafted out of here! 2.0 sacks. 4th rounder in 06. This seems debatable between him and JA98.

Jay Richardson: Never heard of him, apparently he plays on some team called "The Raiders". 3.0 sacks in his 2nd year. A 5th rounder in 07.

Dewayne White: Put up 6.5 sacks while only playing 12 games, on a team with a whopping zero wins.

Patrick "Kearney": The giant cry baby put up 5 sacks in 7 games.

Adewale Ogunleye: Hey, Indiana again! Maybe we recruit them because no one else can spell their friggin names? Had 6.5 sacks, after having 9 the year before.

Robert Geathers: Out of UGA, had 2.5 sacks in 11 games, down from his 10.5 sack 06 season.

Chris Kelsay: 2.0 sacks. That is pretty bad, but he also had 47 tackles and 5 deflections.

Charles Grant: 3 sacks in 7 games.

Dave Ball: 4.5 sacks in 15 games.

Antonio Smith: Played in AZ last year, but is the new LDE for the Texans. 3.5 sacks.

Raheem Brock: Mathis usually comes in as a situational pass rusher, but I guess Brock is expected to start. 3.5 sacks.

Hey, we have the 10th best rated DL. NOT BAD. JA98: We know the stats. Their commentary: "Anderson could move down inside in passing situations with Davis taking over his spot. Position coach Ray Hamilton will spend a great deal of his time trying to fabricate some kind of pass rush on the opposite side of Abraham, whom he flip-flopped last season. It's time for Anderson, the No. 8 pick in the 2007 draft, to step up or be slapped with the bust tag."

Victor Abiamiri: A 2nd rounder in 07 came up with 2 sacks in 10 games.

Tyler Brayton: 4.5 sacks.

Ray Edwards: 5 sacks (4th rounder in 06)

Justin tuck: I think they put him at RDE after Osi went down, but I can't remember. Either way, you don't want to know.

So there are the stats of those expected to start LDE next year in 4-3's. I didn't include rookies, or that DE from Washington who was hurt all year. I think it would be difficult to say that JA98 is positively the worst, as it looks like there are some similar production numbers from a few. However, it's hard to say he is "better" than anyone else starting, based just on his sack numbers. (However, his tackle numbers aren't anything amazing). He did put some pressure on some QB's last year, and all in all we are arguing about the difference of a few sacks over a 16 game period. But I think Chris Collinsworth said it best (in reference to JA98), which was something along the lines of: You don't take a DE that high to stop the run."

I will also add in more stats as needed, but it's hard to remember who started LDE on 32 different teams 8 months out of the season. Let alone after injuries and such. If you have anyone that should be added/removed, just post.

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