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morning practice 8-2-09

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i wont ever waste the gas to go to a 1 hr practice again. they did drills on ST's coverage. the rookie DB's look good but middleton needs the most refinement. aaron kelly will not be on kick coverage. he looks like he just got his nails done when he strikes the pad. actually i cant even say "strike" the pad. it looks like he is worried a baby ladybug may have landed on the pad and he does'nt want to kill it. he goes down the field and cradles the baby ladybug against the pad to protect it. he looks like such a pu see! if he lacks toughness that much, maybe that is why he was undrafted.

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kelly looks good recieving, he has trouble beating the jam, which is part of his lack of toughness, but he could be a great WR. he just needs to leave his teddy bear at home and learn EVERYTHING about being an NFL WR. they need to show him some hines ward footage.

Smith isn't the type of coach that wants players that lack toughness. You can't really teach it. Either you have it or you don't. Especially the way we need our receivers to block. Hines Ward is fearless, the toughest WR in the game.

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decent, a little too out of control getting his hips around the block occasionally but he was in his comfort zone leveraging the block and making the tackle, good form. they did'nt actually tackle, they just wrapped up and stopped there. on the next run he was much smoother shedding.

That's good to know.

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