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my opinion on this roddy white crisis

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can we all agree that roddy white is worth more than 2.88m next year,

the falcons hold all the leverage, he will be a falcons player for 2 more years even if he doesnt accept a contract.

roddy white cannot risk getting injured and only get 2.88m when his value is at about 8-9m,

this holdout is him taking back the leverage, he is saying to the FO that he knows what he's worth and he's making the FO know what hes worth by not being there.

insurance policies in the nfl arent worth the paper they are writtten on,

roddy deserves to be payed and he is doing the only thing he can,

but in the end he will get payed, he will report to camp and he will make us better next season.

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SOrry if ethics bothers you.


Nah...just done with all the excessive White threads justifying/unjustifying his holding out...at this point, I just want it to get done. We have the FO to handle that...posting it thread after thread won't change a thing...it's a process and I'm sure they'll have it worked out soon. I have my own opinions too, but I've mentioned them already in one, of the many, threads posted...try to find one and do the same. ^_^:rolleyes:

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