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Write ups on 3 of UGA 2009 Commitments.


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Breaking Down the New Bulldog Commitments

Brandon Burrows – 6-3/235 - DE – Marietta, Ga. - Walton

The Skinny: Burrows is a very well put together athlete that could end up playing somewhere other than defensive end if needed. He is a very versatile athlete with good hips, good feet, and a great frame. He ideally will end up at strongside defensive end better known as Buck End at Georgia. He is going to get bigger, get stronger, and he could develop into that 6-3/6-4, 275 pound end that could help against the run and pass. He has the potential to go against the offensive tackle and tight end in Athens. If UGA wanted to use him elsewhere, then he could be used at tight end or fullback. What Burrow is, is an athlete – a big athlete. He is going to miss his senior year because of a knee injury, but he is doing well on the recovery trail. He plays with a lot of energy, he flies around the field, and he will be a spark to Georgia as soon as he gets there in the weight room, on the practice field, and he hopes on the game field sooner than later.

Nickell Robey – 5-7/165 – CB – Frostproof, Fla. - Frostproof

The Skinny: Robey is going to take a lot of speed with him from the small town of Frostproof in the state of Florida up to Athens, Ga. He is a burner and not only will he be playing cornerback at Georgia, but you can bet he will get a long look as a return man for punts and kick-offs. He has excellent acceleration, he changes directions very well, he with rough it up with anyone of any size, and he has ball skills like a top wideout. Size is negative, but there are quite a few smaller corners that do very well on the next level. Truthfully, it is just more difficult to get drafted high in the NFL than to be one of the best in college. His size will not keep him down at Georgia because of his strength, attitude, arm length, and explosiveness. He will need to work on the back peddle, how to sit down in coverage, and learning where to line up exactly at wide corner, but he has the skills to be an exciting playmaker for Georgia in the coming years. If he gets his hands on the ball, then watch out.

T.J. Stripling – 6-6/215 – DE – Decatur, Ga. – Southwest Dekalb

The Skinny: Stripling is one of the most impressive defensive prospects in the country. He has such a high ceiling on the next level and possibly beyond because of his combination of size, speed, athleticism, and football savvy. There is no doubt what his biggest strength is, that is rushing the passer. He is in the backfield so quickly and if he doesn’t get the quarterback on the ground, then he gets his hands up in the passing lanes. He has such a quick burst off the edge, he plays with great explosion, and he at times is untouchable on the high school level. If school roll the pocket to the opposite side, then he chases the play with great quickness. If that is not enough, Stripling also drops back into coverage. He really has great awareness of what is going on, he has good instincts, and he reads plays well. Another strength is playing within himself – where some guys will lose their balance when trying to go too fast because the opportunity for a sack is there, Stripling plays in control at all times. He does need to stay in the weight room, gain weight, and become better against the run when lining up over the offensive tackle, but once he drops AAU basketball and gets on UGA’s campus that will come. He is another huge get for Georgia in this class.

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