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Venting about the Vick thing


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There was a list released this week of the top 10 most hated athletes in sports. The list goes like this...

1. Michael Vick

2. Manny Ramirez

3. Alex Rodriguez

4. Terrell Owens

5. Kobe Bryant

6. Allen Iverson

7. Isiah Thomas

8. Stephon Marbury

9. Nick Saban

10. John McEnroe

I know that Vick did some pretty horrible things.

But what makes me so outraged is that the first thing that comes in people's heads is "OMG that guy killed and electrocuted dogs"

First of all he NEVER electrocuted dogs. He hung and drownded 6-8. According to the others who testified in the case.

So people stop saying that he did. But in alot of peoples mind he killed alot of other dogs by letting them fight against the death against each other.

Back to the point about "OMG that guy killed dogs" idea that I previously stated. WHERE AND THE HECK ARE THESE ATHLETES ON THIS LIST:

- O.J. Simpson - Should be on the list. Had a VERY LUCKY 2nd chance. Screwed that up.

- Mike Tyson - Beat up his one girlfriend(and there could be others). And ripped off a guys ear.

- Leonard Little - Killed a boys mother in a DUI Manslaughter case, served right around 3-6 months in jail for killing a person THEN gets arrested for DUI again.

- Pacman Jones - Has had far more chances than Vick and has pissed them away.

- Countless athletes who have been arrested(and received a slap on the wrist) for beating a human being(wife girlfirend) And anybody who thinks killing dogs is worst

I know what he did was VERY, VERY wrong. But to have all these people say "He should rot in **** and never be able to play in the NFL again" and have those people have members of there family who have molested, raped, assualted people, etc. And have them say "O lets give them a second chance". At least 99% of these people WOULD NOT EVEN CARE if you replaced the dogs with chickens.

I will once again say that what he did was wrong but JUST BECAUSE HE IS AN ATHLETE, DOES NOT MEAN HE DOESN'T DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE TOO:

- A second chance tor edeem himself because he wants his children to be proud of his him

- A second chance to play in the NFL and hopefully suceed

- A second chance to show society that he truly is sorry for what he did and has become a better person

I am very excited to watch him better himself as a person and redeem imself as both a person and a football player. But football should not/is not the first thing on his mind. It is bettering Michael Vick as a man. For himself first and formost and second for his children and soon to be wife. I hope you all agree with me or atleast look at both sides becuase no one should not look at both sides.

I am very sorry for puting this up here in TATF but it would be seen by far less people in other places. I know people will be mad that I borught him up but I have been a person who has kept my mouth shut for far to long on this case. I am sorry but I think alot of people(hope alot of people) feel this way.

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OJ, Mike Tyson, Pacman they aren't in sports anymore and as soon as I saw this headline on Yahoo, I assumed A-Rod was #1 but Vick doesn't surprise me at all being #1

Neither is john mcenroe and pacman jones is as much in sports as allen iverson and stephon marbury with all of them not being on teams

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Neither is john mcenroe and pacman jones is as much in sports as allen iverson and stephon marbury with all of them not being on teams

McEnroe is a commentator

Your just gonna have to understand that Americans love their pets and when people think about what is the worst thing to abuse, children and pets will pop to mind

When I see two guys fight and I see one guy kick the other, shrugs........But if I saw a guy kick a dog I would want to rip his throat out

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