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My new prize possession. MICHAEL TURNER Game Jersey


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It's clean, there are no rips and tears. Some grass staining on the numbers.

I'm not sure what game, but I'm assuming it was from like the Panthers or Buccaneers game when they wore the Red jerseys outside.

How did you get that my good man, but congrats. :D

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Is it tapered at the bottom or is it like Grady's diaper style? Say it ain't so Mike. :D

It's hemmed at that bottom

I have tried it on, it's a 48, which is a perfect size for just about anyone up to 230 pds i would think.

Smell? lol It smells like detergent thank goodness

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They wear there jerseys so tight, and they stretch so much, that a 48 or 50 would be perfect for him.

I have a game worn Vick from 2003 that is black, and it is a 42, but I have game worn Vick from 2004 that is a 50. I'm guessing it's the difference in the pads he wore underneath.

I have a Jamal Anderson game jersey from 1999 and I was surprised to see it was a 50

The Jessie Tuggle game worn jersey is a 48, and that surprised me too.

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