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Around the NFL + Vick News = Fair Game

Johnny U

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For those people commenting on Vick threads here and saying "Wrong Forum", explain to me how in a specific forum about news Around the NFL, news and talk about Michael Vick is unacceptable. Especially when the talk is about Vick going to another team Around the NFL that is not our Atlanta Falcons.

I'm not Pro-Vick or Anti-Vick, but I understand that to still bash people for talking about him and what he's doing now in a basically "open" forum is to be looking for any possible excuse and to be lacking any real common sense.

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If you are not posting about a current Atlanta Falcons issue or player, do not post in TATF. That's pretty d*mn simple.

That's not what is being argued here.

There is no argument. What he said is correct. He corrected you.

Vick posts in this forum are fine. No one said they weren't.

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