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Things we Falcons fans are looking forward to in this upcoming season


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What I'm looking forward too.....

Matt Ryan continuing to blossom into the next great pocket passer in the NFL.

The raw talent and ability our offense holds coming into the 2009 season.

Seeing how our new defensive players perform.


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looking foward...........

to matt proving his critics wrong about the sophomore slump and rookie luck.

turner getting almost the same type of yards with a lot less carries

norwood getting the shine he deserves this year

T.G winning his first playoff and SUPERBOWL!!!!!!

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1. I am looking forward to a superbowl appearance

2. B2B winning seasons

3. B2B playoff appearances

4. Top 5 ranked offense

5. Fast, aggressive defense creating turnovers and getting sacks

6. My first year of many years as a Season Ticket Hold

7. The Inagural game of the Boo Birds LOL

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1. Our first back-to-back winning seasons.

2. Our young Def develop & gel - stop the run & force more turnovers.

3. Norwood getting more touches to keep Turner healthy & fresh.

3. All of the bandwagon vick fans hopping on vick's new team's bandwagon (whichever team that is)

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#1- I'm looking forward to seeing the defense surprise the league with their improvement just like the offense did last year!

#2- I'm looking forward to seeing Matt Ryan take it to the next level!

#3- I'm looking forward to seeing the Falcons go REAL deep into the playoffs!


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First of all I''m just now getting started up for the season, and the waiting has been tough...I am looking forward to a breakout season for both Turner and Norwood thanks to a new threat in a tight end we signed. Should be very interesting when we have our first 1st. and go from within the 10 yard line.

I am hoping Ryan will have a good year....I'm a bit anxious about the 2nd. year for Matt Ryan, but if he plays "loose" and doesn't try to second guess himself too much he will be fine. If he does that I am looking forward to BTB winning seasons...

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