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Just wanted everyone to be aware:

If you book a roundtrip flight and secure an Intercontinental Hotel for 3 nights, there is an awesome deal!!!! Use Coupon IHG200 on Expedia.com before 8/30, for travel before 9/30, and you get an instant$200 savings. This hardly seems fair...I got a cheap, extended-stay room for 3 days and RT from ATL to Bos for only $170!!! That's right, only $170!!!! Now the room might not be much to write home about but who cares?!!! Oh, yeah and Ticketmaster still has tickets available!!!

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They still have "Standing Room Only" tickets available..these are $49ea, have no idea where they are though. I also saw they had singles available. The one I pulled up was section 119 row20.

If you are thinking about going, don't give up on Ticketmaster..The Patriots revoke the STs of any ST holder caught selling their tickets on Broker sites or Ebay..so, what many people to is give them back to Ticketmaster to sell for them safely.

Check the Patriots website for information on the standing room only. I remember reading that there were a couple places where you could watch with the standing room only seats.

I keep checking on Ticketmaster, but still the same seats available. I have a single in section 122, row 1. I'm happy about sitting on the 1st row, but it's an endzone seat and I might sell it and try to move around to the sidline seats.

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