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To Be The Joker On The PlayStation 3

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At a Sony event earlier this week, I was the Joker on the PlayStation 3. This was no laughing matter.

For no cost, PS3 purchasers of next month's Batman: Arkham Asylum will be able to download some bonus challenge rooms that will let them pit the Joker against swarms of enemies. These are ethically-flipped versions of Arkham Asylum's Batman-based challenge rooms, which are brawling stages set apart from the game's campaign.

Batman beats up prison crooks. The Joker fights prison guards.

Representatives from Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment let me take control of the clown prince of crime earlier this week. The game's reps said that the Joker's moves are his own, that he's not just a re-skinned Batman. What I played bore that out. The gangly Joker leapfrogged his enemies, and sprayed green poison gas in their faces.

More in the article.

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