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#2 Fantasy Pick

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I'd take Forte. Guy will see a lot of carries and will be a threat out of the backfield as well. If you getting points for Returns, take MJD. Either way I'd stay away from Turner. He will get less carries this year and i feel that Matt Ryan will throw a lot more in the redzone with TG now and Turner's TD numbers will go down.

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I was about to post this same topic :lol: ..... i dont know my pick # yet. Im trying to set up my order and I am actually leaning toward MJD.. primary back now... virtually no passing game. I think he will be solid this year......

another guy im eyeing is Chris Johnson.

Right now i have






i might even put johnson above forte

anyone else have some RB preferances or orders they want to share? I have 2 weeks until draft time.

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The RBBC committee trend in the league is really screwing up fantasy teams. :D

I think Turner and Forte are virutally tied for the number two spot with exclusive running back duties.

Johnson should also have a good year but you have to think he will loose a bunch of goalline touches to White.

MJD has never been the primary ball carrier .. it will interesting to see if his body can handle a 16 game season full load.

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