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Tickets to Trade or Sell


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Ok so the thing is i bought the 5 game deal pack from this site.. but 2 of the games i can't go to because im really an eagles fan, (i live in atlanta so i support falcons, and plus im a matt ryan fan) but anyways the seats are in Section 312, Row 17 Seat 11 for adult.. the games i cannot go to are:

the Carolina Game and the Bills Game:

i would love to trade someone both of these games for the saints game and about 15$ cash (for seats in that same area) but if u guys give me better seats then i would be willing to take the 15 dollars away... anyways please email me saadarij@gmail.com if you would like to trade me tickets

or if you do not want to trade and just buy them from me i would be willing to do that also... each ticket cost me 38 dollars and I will sell it for the same price. 38$ for each game. if interested also email me.

thank you!! =D

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also if anyone wants I would be willing to give you TRUE FALCONS FANS the chance to go see the game against carolina if you guys would give me tickets for the Bears game instead.

so that is another deal

i give you carolina tickets u give me bears..

let me know

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