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Couple Finds Dead Mouse In Can of Pepsi

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ORMOND BEACH, Fla. -- A Volusia County couple's disgusting discovery in a can of soda has now led to an investigation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The couple found what may be a mouse inside a can of Diet Pepsi (see graphic images).

Amy Denegri and her husband Fred were grilling out last week at their Ormond Beach home when her husband noticed something tasted funny when he took a gulp of his Diet Pepsi.

"He made a face. I was sitting there and he said it tasted awful and something wasn't right," Amy told Eyewitness News (watch full interview).

GRAPHIC IMAGES: Possible Mouse Inside Pepsi

RAW INTERVIEW: Woman Talks About Pepsi Discovery

FDA REPORT: FDA Investigative Document

PEPSI STATEMENT: Company Responds To Claim

They poured it onto a plate and found something weird inside. Denegri said it looked like a mouse.

"We're not sure what it is. It was pink. It looks like spaghetti. It's really sick," Amy said.

The FDA is now investigating (read document). An FDA spokesperson said lab results are expected in one to two weeks.

The couple bought the can at a Sam's Club in Daytona Beach and Pepsi says it was bottled in Orlando.

Pepsi contacted the Denegris when the company heard about the incident. Pepsi said it isn't the first time a similar type of claim has been filed. But, in the past, results showed the specimen did not enter the package during production.

The Pepsi spokesperson said there have been times when someone opened a can, left it on the table and at that point something crawled in (read Pepsi statement).

The Denegris aren't planning a lawsuit. In the meantime, her husband is still drinking Pepsi but he pours it into a cup first.

"It did smell rotten. My husband did want to know what was in there. He did not want to look at it. He was completely grossed out," Amy said.

Pepsi said it reviewed the production logs and found no evidence that any foreign object or substance entered the package at the time of production. A spokesman said it is taking the claim very seriously and will assist the FDA.


Link to More Photos If You want to see

Don't make no sense... <_<

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Mike Vick goes to jail for 2 years and Pepsi is killing innocent mice to make their beverages more tasty!?!?!?!?

whose said Pepsi killed the mouse. The mouse could have been a martyr sent on a suicide mission from Osama to kill that couple.

I like your idea more than mine

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