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Who here thinks this to be true?

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I have 5 reasons why I feel this is.

1-Matt Ryan after watching tape.The kid does not get spooked at all reason Iceman is his name.

That is my #1 reason Matt will be fine,his arm and everything is great but the fact that head looks for the open man and he seems to anticipate the defense so well I am sold on Mr Ryan.

2-TD seems to draft well and address needed areas,he looks to have been a great study to the Patriot way.

3-Coach Smith,he excites our players and has a great team and hardwork manner about him,this is the right man for the job.

4-Our offensive talent is almost unmatched as most of the time I would say let it all pan out White and Jenkins look to be a solid one two punch,with Douglas or Fin in the slot or 4 receiver sets.Turner,Norwood and Snelling and the most underrated player we have in Ovie is a man beast.Tony G will make many plays within this talent packed offense.

5-Our Defense,I have a gut feeling will be a top 10 Defense shocking the NFL.

I think they will make enough plays that most teams will not be able to keep up with our offense.

Falcons win 10 games.

We go to the NFC title game and maybe the SB.

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I believe that we will have back to back winning seasons and if everything falls right, winning those close games and go undefeated at him i see us winning 13 games at the most but no less than 10

This is a very smart man.

I've been watching a lot of Lost so I'm gonna go with its "Destiny" and the only reason we had all those rough years before is because "destiny is a fickle *****"

**FACT**Not even the Carolina Panthers have back to back winning seasons....So they can suck it

Another very smart man!

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I thought for sure we'd break the curse after the 80, 91, 98, 02 and 04 seasons. Usually we got derailed by either a tougher schedule, injuries, bad execution or some combination of the three.

We certainly have the tough schedule. I'm hoping we stay healthy. If we lose one of the key guys (Abe, Roddy, Ryan, Turner) it could get ugly. I just hope Roddy doesn't drop a curse breaking TD like he did in 2005. If that happens then we'll absolutely know it's a curse.

I think we will break it. I'm sticking with my 9-7 prediction, back to backs and a struggle to get in the playoffs. Most 9-7 teams usually go home for the holidays. Ask TB and CHI. A 9-7 record could win our division though cause we all face the NFCE, AFCE and NFCS. It will be interesting.

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