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Rick Bryan Passed Away over the weekend


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Didn't see it posted - my heart goes out to his family and friends.

Link to J Mikes Blog

Former Falcons defensive lineman Rick Bryan passed away over the weekend.

He was 47.

Tales of Bryan’s trademark toughness still circulate around his hometown of Cowetta, Okla. and the NFL. He was a two-time All-American in college, the ninth-overall pick in the 1984 NFL Draft and a Falcons defensive tackle and end for nine seasons.

He was a regular starter for the Birds and fought through countless injuries, sometimes ignoring doctors’ requests to leave the game before his time.

Bryan led the Falcons in sacks in 1985 (7.5) and 1986 (7). He ranks 10th on the all-time team record list with 30.5 career sacks in Atlanta (tied with current defensive end John Abraham).

“Rick was one of the typical tough, no-nonsense players produced by Barry Switzer’s Oklahoma teams in the 1980s,” said Frank Kleha, the Falcons senior director of media relations. “Because he did his work in the trenches he was not a big household name with the Falcons. But he will always be remembered by our fans, his Falcon teammates and coaches for the way he played the game.”

Former Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer told the Tulsa World Bryan was a “great, great player.”

“No one outworked him,” Switzer told the World. “I just wish he had played on a national championship team. He had it all.”

“Rick was a warrior,” Tackle and Ring of Honor member Mike Kenn said when Bryan retired. “That’s what made him such a good football player.”

Bryan is survived by his wife, two daughers, son, mother, sister and two brothers, who also played at Oklahoma.

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3rd time this was posted tandy :(

I missed it and I'm on here just about everyday. I did take a week off so tc would seem to get here faster. I never saw anything about it on ESPN or NFLN. Too busy talking about Brett Favre and the cowboys to report actual news. I bet all he got was a crawl.

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Tough football player, he was one of my favorite players when he played for us. I will always remember him for his hatred of the Dallas Cowboys. Having been raised in Oklahoma, all he heard while growing up was Cowboys this and Cowboys that. He was quoted in the paper back in the middle 80's about how much he hated them. Probably when we were going to play in Dallas after a 5-1 start (Dave Archer @ QB).

Anyway, it's sad to hear he's passed, RIP.

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