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Your ultimate burger


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steamed meat? please explain

Basically, I prepare my burger as normal (seasonings and all). Get a pot with some water in it, and a steamer rack that will fit in it. I have a pot with a steamer built in which works perfect. You then get the water boiling, place burgers onto the steamer, then cover them. Cook them until your desired doneness, they don't take long at all. The last 20 seconds of cooking, cover your burger with cheese and cover for a few seconds. Remove and enjoy

I was unsure of this until I tried it, now I'm hooked and so is everyone else I have made them for.

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take off the lettuce/onion/tomato/mayo-mustard.

throw some ketchup on it.

and id eat it.

****. Apparently we like the same type of food. Why ruin a good piece of meat by throwing a bunch of vegetables on it. Although I would have to leave on the mustard

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