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Matt Wilhelm


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I think he is a huge step in us signing every free agent on the market.


Okay, honestly, to answer your question, I don't know too much about him other than he's been in the 43 defense for a few years now. He might not fit our scheme.

Besides, why was he released? That's the question that needs to be answered here.

I'm not saying a released player can't come in a contribute. Oftentimes if a team is deep at a position and they have a player that they know can play in this league and, for whatever reason, they know he isn't going to make their squad, they will release them early so they can catch on somewhere else.

But, it makes one wonder why he was released.


I obviously wasn't thinking clearly as I meant to say 34 defense. Sorry folks.

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Sounds like he lost his job last year...

Chargers release ILB Matt Wilhelm

Yahoo News. Fri Jul 24, 3:29 pm ET

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Chargers have released inside linebacker Matt Wilhelm a week before their first full-squad practice of training camp.

Wilhelm started the first five games last season before losing his job to Tim Dobbins. Wilhelm also started two games toward the end of the season.

He played six seasons with San Diego, recording 247 tackles and six interceptions.

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I do not know if 08 established the mode of operation for the FO & Staff BUT

In the month before camp 2 were signed 1 stuck (Wire)

During camp 3 were signed 1 stuck (G Jackson)

During pre season 5 were signed 5 stuck (Pollard, jefferson, Gilbert, Peelle, Fudge) plus 1 trade (Foxworth)

they were made at the cutdowns

EDIT do you think they will be watching the cutdown wires this year?

During the regular season 1 was signed 1 stuck (Gandy)

So it looks like most moves will be made during preseason

Note this does not include the practice squad

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do you think they will be watching the cutdown wires this year?

there is less possibility for movement this year. last year they seemed more inclined to start the season with guys that were in camp noting the importance of all the reps as a team. the guys they did bring in, fudge, gilbert, peele, and jackson, had history with coaches. only jason jefferson and foxworth did not. they may be ok with one or two vets being picked up if the talent increase is significant. i dont expect a lot of moves though as we have a lot more of smith and TD's guys in camp the second time around.

matt wilhelm is a guy i liked out of college but as a back up and i think we were a 3-4 at the time. he lacks speed and would need to be in a 3-4 since he would be responsible for a smaller surface area. wilhelm is limited, and with the signing of kevin burnett, expendable. they probably released him to give the vet a chance to go through camp and catch on with someone else. i dont think he is good enough to catch on with someone without camp reps. SD was probably just trying to do the right thing for him. they are set with cooper, burnett, dobbins, and siler inside.

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