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A friend of mine just told me to stick with what I have and don't worry about the online prices because the return policies aren't the same.

dude that is why i said go read the return policy. im not sure why your friend would tell you to keep a $220 monitor you could get for 160 bucks. like i said go look at the return policy, and see if it is good or crap. if it is crap, then keep the monitor, but if it is pretty good, then go buy the monitor.

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Okay nevermind. I'm rest assured. I looked online and Amazon was selling it for around $200 with shipping and handling. And they have a 10 dead pixel warranty, if only 10 pixels are dead then you can return it. Anything less than that you can't. I'm more rest assured with this extra $20 that I forked over for the better return policy.

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