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Not sports related, but gunman seen on usf's campus in tampa.


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Gunman reported on university campus in Fla.

The Associated Press

TAMPA, Fla. — The University of South Florida remained locked down Friday after someone reported a gunman on campus.

On its Web site, the school told students to stay inside and lock their doors and avoid the area near the building where the gunman was seen.

School spokeswoman Lara Wade said there were no immediate reports of shots fired or injuries and no word of anyone being taken into custody.

The school sent out a mobile emergency message at 12:31 p.m. to notify 55,000 people of the incident. Messages were also displayed on digital screens throughout campus.

Jon Catuccio, who works at the school, said that a little before noon someone said over a loudspeaker that a gunman had been reported at the bioscience building in the heart of campus and people should stay inside.

He said he got an e-mail with the same information and everyone was "kind of hanging out" and waiting to see what happens.

Student Lawrence Stawkowski, 24, saw three helicopters flying around and said an alarm went off every 15 minutes.

"I wasn't too afraid," he said. "I was just surprised, a little shocked."

Junior Lynn McPhearson, 21, said he had been in the Marshall Center for about an hour and could see the bioscience building from the window.

"You don't see people running around like it's mass chaos," he said.

McPhearson said a group of parents and students who had been on campus for orientation were also inside.

The late summer term at USF just ended, so there were fewer students than usual on campus, said Allyson Stanfill, 21, who was stuck inside a lab across the street from the bioscience building.

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