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Pat Kirwan Thoughts about Ryan TD totals

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josh, west milford, nj 12:51 PM ET

hey pat what do you think the addition of tony gonzalez will do for the falcons offense i belive with him around it can really open up all of their options and gives matt ryan the potential to throw at least 25-30 touchdowns. what are your thoughts?

Pat Kirwan, NFL.com

I could not agree with you more. Gonzalez will do the following things: He will provide Michael Turner tremendous opportunities to run for touchdowns in the red zone, just like Priest Holmes did in Kansas City. The reason is that Tony opens up his alignment to the receiver position, forcing a man-and-a-half to cover him. Two receivers on the opposite side forces three defensive players to that group. And that leaves the opponents shy a player in the box to stop the run.

Matt Ryan told me at Lake Tahoe last week ago that they are anticipating people experimenting with nickel looks which Matt knows how to get the ball to Gonzalez or others. I think Gonzalez is good for 10 TDs, and Ryan will be very hard to blitz in his second year, because of Tony's presence.

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I think Tony G is more a gift for Murlarkey (sp?) than Matt Ryan. We all know Murlarkey's offense loves tight ends, so adding a Hall of Fame Tight End will open up our offense so much more. I'm sure Murlarkey is salivating at the mouth. With the possibilities and variations of play calls he could use, Murlarkey is gonna be a hot commodity on the coaching market come next season.

I do think Matt Ryan will reach 25 touchdowns this year. But I think he would have been able to reach it with or without Tony.

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