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XBOX 360 NCCA 10 On Line Dynasty

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Nope. We are in different Conferences. You're in the Sun Belt and I'm in C-USA

you should do quite well with your team. If #13 stays healthy I can shock a few decent teams. Looking at the schedule winning 8-10 teams is possible

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Yeah you can customize the schedule in last years the commish was the only one who could do it

oh I wanna play a team that I can upset and get some recruits looking at me. I got a 4 star recruit that is actually is in his top 10.

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I have the time to do it. I'll be at home the next few days from an injury and I'm pretty much stuck in front of the TV, PC, & 360 b/c I really can't move.

no I feel bad for beating a cripple.

By the way did you alter the conferences so everybody plays everybody in their own conference.

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