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XBOX 360 NCCA 10 On Line Dynasty

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OK, since we are ready to move on I will advance the league tonight. We need to get rolling on these games so we can build these teams up. Now that everyone has taken their vacations and that school has started back. Things should start to move quickly now. sorry for the delay guys.

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OK,Greg you are go to go. I removed UCSB, for now. Wants Greg gets his game in I will advance.

UCSB when your connection gets better let me know. Will be glad to have you back in this.

Alright thanks, I agree about UCSB, seemed like a good guy to me.

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wow. i just played troy and just...wow. i got picked seven times and still won the game. i had to make a comeback of 10 points in the fourth quarter and just BARELY did so. when i had to kick a tying field goal i drove down the field but wasnt in field position to kick the ball and had 7 seconds left. so i call a play to my te out in the flat and thank god he caught the ball and got out of bounds. kick the ball, go to ot. should have kicked the ball a few times in the 5 or so overtimes i played, but no, i decided not to. stopped them and finally scored a td to end the game.

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I think Troy is a little better than they should be in this game

it just pissed me off because every time i brought out a lot of zone coverage, my pass rush couldnt get there. when i blitzed, he still had enough time and poor coverage to throw the ball to a wide open receiver. however, every pass that went troys way was intercepted. so many ridiculous, ridiculous interceptions. had to put my backup quarterback in the game. im probably going to keep him in for the rest of the season because he's a freshman and i can develop him. dwight dasher sucked balls.

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