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XBOX 360 NCCA 10 On Line Dynasty

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Is there a way to use custom teams? That is if we are doing the whole rebuilding thing. I will probably end up picking this up in a week or two, and I plan on making my Gauchos have an actual team. I could replace Washington State in the Pac 10.


Yes you can create a team and join an online dynasty from what ive seen but its up to Cable whether or not he would care since hes the commish. In my opinion I dont see a problem with it as long as the team created is a cupcake team to start with since this is a rebuilding dynasty.

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Decision has been made. Let's make our own teams that are cupcakes. Should be fun. If you are not interested in this please say so and I will remove your name.

uhhh. how are we gonna stop ability stacking? People editing their rosters attributes

what about prestige and program stats?

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What difficulty are we playing on and what kind of schedule are we looking at 1 sim a day or more of a casual 1 sim every few days

Even though I will be commish. I want everyone's feed back. I'm thinking AA difficulty and probably 2 - 3 games a week. If everyone can do more, then we can do more.

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so you want us to start them all of at 0?

The lowest you can go on prestige is 1 star. And use school type as FBS (1-A)

With Program Info make everything as low as it can go. The only 1 you can't lower all the way is Academic Prestige. It stops a C I believe

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