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XBOX 360 NCCA 10 On Line Dynasty

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yeah id like to get back in if i can

Added you back and invite has been sent. If you can try to get game in today or tomorrow. Everybody has played week 1 game all ready except Unknown (xbox issue). I would like to play at least 2-3 games per week. Once I have seen that everyone has completed their game for that week I will advance to next week. Check first post. On there I will edit it to say that I have advanced season to the following week.

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My Week 1 is now complete already set a school record for sucky SMU and im pretty sure North Texas is doing his right now cause his recruiting was finished I noticed

It's been like that since this morning. I know he was on earlier b/c he sent me a friend invite. Don't really know if it was done by the CPU or not since that part was simmed and he took control back over after I advanced season.

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