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XBOX 360 NCCA 10 On Line Dynasty

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OK I don't wish to be mean, but if the last 2 guys do not do their preseason and say they are ready. I will remove them and start this up at 7pm EST on Sunday. We will have a total of 10 teams. Each division will have 5 of us. Their will be no reshuffling of the divisions since each of those 2 players has 1 team in each division.


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OK guys I have deleted the 2 that have not done anything and going to advance the season. Lets have some fun. I will advance each week once each person has finished their game. I would like to have played at least 2 games per week. Sun. - Sat. The sooner each person plays their game the faster the weeks advance

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I don't think anybody has an easier first game than House, Playing Freaking Notre Dame

and I beat them 24-16. 4 of my starters got injured and were out of the game, including my starting QB. Now I face LSU next :wacko:

EDIT: I think I play Kansas State next then LSU

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