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XBOX 360 NCCA 10 On Line Dynasty

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Week 4 is ready to go

Cable Guy - littleperson - Tulane

Unknown - Unkn0wn86 - SMU

Cody #53 - crl90 - Troy

House - WHERES THE FOOD - Central Michigan

Greg M - Mad Tequila Joe - Vandy

UCSBDirtyBird - GOPDevil - Houston

sw ga falcon - sixt6deuce - North Texas

slamee101 - Inkogninja1978 - San Diego State

Akiva Schaffer - taylor228193 - MTSU

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What kind of dynasty? Any team or rebuilding teams

I was looking to get at least 10 teams total. It would be an On Line Dynasty. If I'm correct it is the same as an offline one. Where you recruit players and such. You can play up to 60 seasons in an On Line Dynasty.

Then once we have all the participants we could discuss the types of teams being used and the settings.

I would like to make this an all included decision., not one where I set it up and be like these are the rules and deal with it. This is supposed to be fun and would like to make it as fun as possible.

As for me I have no preference.

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Ill have to look at the teams once I get my copy of the game but ill do it if we get enough interest

And yeah I read in the other thread on here that you can use created schools online you just have to take out teams from whatever conference you want in id go for that too because thats the true definition of building your team

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