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Went to Detroit, the rock hall, and the nfl hall of fame

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My dad had a business trip to go to, so we used that time as our vacation. I drove pretty much all by myself to Detroit in two days, not like that's really an accomplishment, but I thought driving that long would fatigue me a little bit. If there's one thing I like about Atlanta right now, it's the roads that we have. The roads up in Ohio and Michigan suck.

The next day, my dad had to go to lunch with a few people, so he dropped me off at the local mall. I got a really cool Detroit shirt and "Sound of Madness" by Shinedown and "Disclaimer 2" by Seether to listen to on the way back. Both of those albums start off great, but end up sort of disappointingly.

The rock hall of fame was FUN and interesting. I loved looking at some of the crazy costumes some people would wear on stage and seeing how rock and roll all started. There was a place inside the museum where it showed the outrage at new rock and roll music which I thought was funny. I also watched some of Michael Jackson's music videos inside a theater, which was fun also. I got a very nice shirt for $23 (w/ tax), so I was happy that I went there.

The NFL hall of fame, however, sucked IMO. The first part of it was interesting about how the league was formed and the teams that were in the league, but the museum just went downhill from there. When I got to the year when the Falcons were founded, the beautiful original red helmet's view was sort of obstructed by some other stuff and that was somewhat of a let-down. When we got to the "NFL's teams" part of the museum, I was pissed to see that the poster-thing that had a background of Deangelo Hall. Apparently the people who are supposed to keep up with the museum don't keep up with the museum. A nice picture of someone who actually plays for us and wasn't such a jackass would be nice. We weren't the only team that had a stupid background picture, either - the Titans had Vince Young as their background, and I can't believe that's someone they'd like to see. I didn't see any kind of remembrance to any of our players or any other signature part of our history, such as the grits blitz defense. After all of that, I wanted to buy a shirt, but the shirt I wanted was priced at $32 (before tax) which was worse than the shirt I got at the rock hall. That was very disappointing and I was mad at the outrageous price. Never going there again.

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Yea the roads in Detroit are pretty **** but they do a good job of patching things up on time.. unlike here in Windsor <_<

I was also surprised by the traffic lights in Detroit. The light had a blinking red light and I was like "WTF :huh: ... I guess that means I can turn left. Plus there's another part where you get pretty much in a median and they have a light there.

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