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North Korea to fire Long Range Nuke at Hawaii on July 4th !

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There has always been at least one imposter! Mizzou had an account that would parody FB77, but I think Mizzou let that one go! :lol: This "person" throws around enough mispelled words (and other things) where his 'rants" are seen as a joke and not taken seriously!

I feel robbed.. Cheated even.. I clicked on this expecting at least a half page of stuff i wouldnt read from the OP; followed by some random pics of confederate flags and whatever else is posted in all those little pics at the end of most posts. I click on here and there is a tiny paragraph of stuff i didnt read; and little pictures???? hmmmmm.... nowhere to be found... what kind of world is this?

I say this is either an imposter or our very own falconblaze 77 has gotten lazy and needs to go back and write some more stuff i wont read and post those little pictures.

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Obama is tearing down President Reagans defenses centered around our Misslie shield, there are fewer Interceptors deployed in Alaska to stop such a attack, there are fewer Naval warships as well.

North Korea does not want to hit Hawaii, they want to send the impression that they can do anything and once again Obama will do nothing and they want to do it on July 4th..............The day that we celebrate our Nation.

Who cares.

Watch the Braves game or something.

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