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Let's see:

This is an Atlanta Falcons message board + Vick is famous=Perception of more outrage on this message board.

Practically anonymous dead wife killed by anonymous newlywed husband in a different country=Perception of less outrage on an Atlanta Falcons message board.

Wow. That seems pretty easy to understand to me....... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Im not talking about oturage on a message board. Im talking nationwide. When Vick lied about what he had done you wouldve thought he was Osama Bin Laden! He is terrible for what he did to those dogs. Those does can never come back and he cant erase what he had done. That is why the courts decided on a punishment to fit the crime he commited. He served his time. True enough he will never be out of the public eye because of who he is and what he had done, but the srory about the anonymous woman should cause more public concern. You cant honesly tell me if you were in that situation that you wouldnt want more time for the dude and more press coverage for your loved one. The U.S. steps in and polices the nation during wars and famines, etc. You mean to tell me that they coulndt get this dude back to the states for a trial in America. BU11$H!T

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Why should be let Vick be again? Because someone somewhere murdered somebody and the family is outraged?

Your logic escapes me.

Vick remains scum. $50 says he makes a fool out of himself AGAIN before Thanksgiving.

First off I would bet you 50 bucks he doesnt. Second, I never said he should be let alone because someone else was murdered and the family is outraged. I said where is all the outrage and publicity and the sister of the deceased made a comparison about Vick and those dogs and her loved one and her fiance. How does my logic escape you?? I sure wouldnt want a man to go away to jail for 11 months for killing my sister. I have four sisters! The U.S. couldve brought that guy back to be judge in a proper trail. Im no diplomatic expert, but it could be done. P.S. Im going to need my fifty in cash.

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So.... Lets see if I got this straight... Some guy in Australia killed his wife and didn't serve much time, therefore, Vick should be absolved; And, everyone should just forget what he did and assume he's a decent human because he "served his time". Does that about sum it up?

Now may I counter? Find me someone who tortured and murdered dozens of people over several years who got less time than Vick. Then, you will have a worthwhile analogy.

Anyone who tries to excuse what Vick did by comparing it to murder is just trying to point at something worse to try to make him look like an ok person in comparison. It's really sad if the only people you can point to that are worse human beings than you are murderers. Not a very good endorsement of your "dog" Vick....

Had you read my original post, I stated that the victim's sister said that Vick served more time for killing dogs than that guy did for killing her sister. I didnt make any analogy. I was looking at it on T.V. and thought she made a good point. Her story certainly does not absolve Vick from any wrong doing, I didnt not state that. I just think its ludicrous that someone can get more time for killing a dog than a human. Do you get it know? Also where is all of the press coverage. Surely this is more of a travestry to american life. If someone can lure you out of the country and kill you and be out of jail in less than a year then that is a scary thought to me. How am I endorsing him. I dont care whether you like him or not. I dont get paid as his publicist. Again Im not trying to wipe away the horrific things he did. My point is that there should be a equal to greater outrage on the murder of a human being as was the case of those dogs. Yes I am a Vick fan. Remember, the victim's sister made the analogy, not me. I am just the messenger. But we all know what happens to the messenger!!

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