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is Brown a suitable back up tu Turner

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We all know that every team needs a quality back up at runing back and Qb..im concerned with both of our back ups ..i dont want to to be one injury away from a lost season..Norwood is a great change of pace yet we all know he isnt a full time back... his size alone is to frail for the pounding.. Snelling is un proven even thou he's shown flashes .However Jamal Anderson showed flashes as well but his knees wouldnt hold up..So my point if the unthinkable happens to Turner can we afford to rely on Brown or Snelling or should we search for a quality no # 2 back..with that said how comfortable are you with with Redman and Norwood being the feature or does it scare the dickens out of you like it does me..feed back

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i will be eating Macados for lunch. If your from VA you may know what im talking about....

... but still i'll thow the troll some scraps... BROWN CANT EVEN HOLD NORWOOD'S FISHING POLES AT THIS POINT, LET ALONE TAKE HIS SPOT ON THE ROSTER. ok i fed him half a sandwich, my bad, haha ^_^

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