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William Moore An Inside look


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I saw Lofton's video at OU and said this guy is going to be special and man can he hit.

I saw Douglas at training camp and could not believe his burst off the line and quickness. I told my wife there is our Wes Welker, she said who ? Never mind read your book honey. -_-

Seeing Moore's video he looks good in the box but if he doesn't have the speed to play SS in the open field with NFL WR's he will be toast.

Obviously his injuries are mostly due to his play style in college, I hate to see this amplify playing against NFL players. He can't show his skill set on the sidelines.

He has a long way to go and everything to prove before even being mentioned in the same sentence as Brian Dawkins.

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Lack of deep coverage skills is what pushed his grade down. I hope Smith and VanGorder can coach him up. I didn't realize all of his interceptions came up in the box. He is a thumper however.

Moore can stick, that is what I like! When he sticks you, you stay stuck.

Contact hitter, wraps people up, has great ability to read passes as well as react well.

Simply a good one!

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