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AJC has not changed it's page in 5 days......

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Aren't they in the process of cutting back to save money?

I can't give them any grief for that, especially after they gave the heave-ho to Terrance Moore.

Best move by the AJC in the last 10 years.. that guy was a cancer in the city. My skin would crawl every time I saw him on ESPN, inevitably he'd spout off some comment that would make Atlanta seem like a highly racist city. O. Led is a MUCH better reporter!

This just in.. new, news: http://www.ajc.com/sports/content/sports/f..._nicholson.html

Falcons release LB Nicholson, two DBs


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Atlanta Falcons released three players Friday - linebacker Derek Nicholson, cornerback Ronnie Prude and safety Marcus Paschal.

Nicholson was signed by the Falcons as a rookie free agent this offseason and the Florida State graduate participated in the Falcons mini-camp last weekend. Prude and Paschal were both signed as reserve/future free agents by Atlanta on January 7, 2009.

I rag on the AJC a lot but if there's nothing to write about and the players are at home....

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Look, the AJC is on the verge of bankruptcy, believe it or not, along with 60 - 70% of all newspapers in the USA. The internet has taken over. The AJC is losing truck loads of money weekly. As soon as the print version of the AJC goes up in smoke and they COMPLETELY re-organize and re-staff the entire operation, the remaining ON LINE only version should improve.

We can only hope.

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It will bad that a lot of people will lose their jobs. The plus side is it means AJC downfall. Perhaps AJC downfall will help lead to better overall coverage of Atl Sports Teams and better coverage period of everything in Atlanta.

Or no coverage at all, it's a pretty expensive venture for any quality website to produce daily stories. The Atlanta market should be able to support one newspaper fairly well, or at least a web version of it, where the AJC fails is that they don't require a log-in to view parts of their paper. The website could make more money if they required a log-in to read past the front page stories.

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AJC's problem is their belief that a lack of competition meant they didn't have to try. By the time the advent of the internet provided the city with a viable alternative, the AJC had already dug it's own grave. The AJC can blame the economy all they want, but there are plenty of newspapers in markets much smaller than Atlanta that are making money. The fact of the matter is the AJC's lazy, subpar quality led to their current demise.

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