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Falcons release three.......

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I'm surprised about Nicholson. He may get brought back though.

I think Nicholson was cut due to posts on this MB. Too many guys are already calling #54 "Nicholson", so it would be way too confusing to actually have a player by that name, especially at the same position. It would be like signing a TE named Finnerman. :lol:

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On every team's roster during training camp, there will always be players who will be graded as having the least amount of ability and/or potential, based upon player performance and evaluations from the coaches. These guys are probably the easiest to release during the early days of practice.

They will either end up in the large pool of released/unsigned players with the potential for being picked up by another team, or they will embark upon another career path outside of football. Some may hang around and end up on a practice squad for awhile.

It will naturally get more interesting as the various training camps progress.

Just wait until the message board gets lit up with the contest for the #3 QB....again....and again. Yawn again.

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