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Atlanta RB's Madden Ratings

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horrible rating for jerious norwood he should be at least 83

In the developers blog they stated that there would be a huge discrepancy this year between STAR players and the rest of the players. They want the star players to stick out more.

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The ratings system is a little different this year, someone in the 70's is a solid starter, but the dev's wanted to make the stars truly stars. So you won't see a lot of people in the 80's and 90's that aren't consistent producers. If Norwood gets going early, expect to see him bump up.

For reference, Deangelo Hall is a 68, a substandard starter. :o

Exactly. Everyone shouldn't freak out just yet. This ratings system is different from before. Because he is in the 70's doesn mean he sucks in the game. It's all relative. You're gonna see lots of players not rated as high this year. And the stars will stand out.

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