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Vegas Odds

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I don't post here much, mostly just read through the forums, but I thought some here would enjoy this. I bet quite a bit on football and found the odds for us to win the division to be an excellent bet for those who also like to gamble.

NFC South Division - Odds to Win

Atlanta Falcons +500

Carolina Panthers +250

New Orleans Saints +180

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +180

For those that don't know, this means that we are 5:1 to win the division and all of the other teams have better odds to win the division.

For the NFC Championship, we are 14:1 and the Superbowl we are 30:1.

These are great odds for those who have a few bucks to bet. I personally think the division odds are a joke, so I would jump on these quickly, as they are always changing. I try not to let my Falcon pride blind me when betting, but how can we have less of a chance than everyone else to win the South? The good news is we are 4 point favorites week 1 vs. Miami!!

This info all came from sportsbook.com, where I do all wagering for those that insist on sources :P

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jesus u are right about the odds of us winning the south. I wonder how they got that

Because the Falcons haven't done enough to convince the gamblers. One year isn't enough to sway them. It's not a prediction on who will win - it's Vegas deciding where the collective mind of the gamblers is at this time - they want equal betting on both sides.

I don't gamble outside the golf course, but I certainly like the Falcon's chances to win the South. They'd probably be my pick at this point.

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Yes it is safe, I have been a part of that site for a few years. When I do deposit money, I use an VISA or MC gift card rather than my personal credit card. This is so I don't have to give out my info and my wife doesn't see it on the statement B) . The site is great as they have odds on just about everything you can think of.

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Just be careful who you place your wagers with folks. I had a little over $1700 in poker winnings at Sportsbook.com. After more than a year of unsuccessfully trying to get my money(this was roughly 2 years ago), I finally turned over my username and password to a friend who was learning to play so he could get some good cash game experience. If you're going to gamble, see what odds bodoglife.com is giving. Their payouts have always been swift and painless for me. Just keep in mind there is no such thing as a safe bet.... EVER.

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That's rediculous, I wouldn't place bets with whoever put those odds up, you will never get paid. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers at less than 2 to 1 to win the division while the Falcons are 5 to 1? Yeah, give me a break.

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