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Should Detroit trade their number 1 pick next year?

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Now that Detroit has an insane amount of money locked up into Stafford and Johnson, do you think they should trade their 1st next year for a first this year?

I could see them with 3 first round picks this year, one on Stafford and the other 2 i the twenties, using one and possibly a third to trade back up into the top 15 for a shot at one of the 3-4 really good OT's in this year's draft.

I say this because the rookie pay scale wont' be put in place until 2011's draft at the earliest, and I don't think it would be wise for them to have such an insanely high pick next year, betting that with Stafford probably not playing much his first year, they won't be winning too many games early on.

By the same token, by getting Stafford, an GOOD OT, and maybe one of the solid linebackers or DE's coming out, they can set a foundation and be comfortable with Stafford playing later on in the season.

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