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Tony Gonzalez has only had 1 fumble in his career


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"He's only missed two games in his entire career," Smith said. "The only other stat I think that's amazing is that he's had just one lost fumble in his career. That happened in his second season."
"Tony still looks like he's 25 years old, and we believe he'll be an integral part of this offense," Dimitroff said. "It'll open things up in the red zone. It'll open things up on the outside for our receivers. I think it's going to be a good situation for Michael Turner, as well, in play-action."

Wow....... 1 fumble in 12 seasons...... Tony G has not fumbled in the last 10 years...lol

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Tony Gonzales has had 6 fumbles his entire career, and lost two. He had 3 his 2nd year, and lost one. In his 3rd year, he had 2 and lost one of those as well. Since then, he has only fumbled once, and that was in 2006; and he didn't lose it.

So all in all, 10 years or 171 games since he lost a fumble.

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