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Looking to 2010...Where does Colt McCoy go...

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He will be in the same class as Tebow so I'll go ahead and say that McCoy will be the 2nd QB taken next year(BUT I say that against my own personal feelings since I hate Tebow)....anywho...Where would a likely landing place for McCoy be?

Before I let out my own feelings on the matter Id like some feedback.

and go ahead and answer this...where does Tebow go?

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Bradford>both Tebow and McCoy. Im not a fan of any of the Qbs next year. All spread offense QBs

I disagree. McCoy is deadly accurate. Like, Chad Pennington accurate. And he has a strong arm. And he's a team leader.

Like I said, hopefully McCoy goes somewhere in the AFC. Frankly, I hope Tampa Bay drafts Sam Bradford. He's #1 on my Bust Watch list for '10.

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McCoy isn't an elite QB prospect. Bradford is the guy everyone will want to get their hands on next year. Tebow isn't even a QB prospect, he's an H-back prospect. I think McCoy is a second rounder, Tebow is a third rounder, but Bradford is a top 3 pick (not saying I think he'll live up to that, just saying that's where he'll be picked).

I like the Grahm Harrell comp for McCoy. I actually had a guy arguing with me in January that Grahm Harrell would be drafted higher than Stafford.

As has already been mentioned, the problem with next year's QB class is they all run the spread. That can be a problem when having to adjust to taking the snap under center in the NFL. I expect some surprise QB to jump up the boards like Sanchez did this year and Ryan the year before.

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