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foot ball player charged with burglary


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Former defensive tackle Julian James, 22, was charged with one count of felony second-degree burglary, six counts of attempted burglary and two counts of theft on Tuesday.

The senior didn't steal money, iPods, an Xbox or a television... but food... $82 worth!

According to The News Journal: "The suspect entered the unlocked (Ivy Hall) apartment while the two occupants were sleeping inside and raided the refrigerator, taking 100 frozen chicken wings, a pound of frozen salmon, 18 frozen Hot Pockets and 20 hamburger patties worth a total value of $82, according to court records."

i suppose the university of Delaware football team is sub coming to the economic crunch and cant afford to feed its players. or the dude was having a real bad case of the munches.

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that sucks. If he really needed it then I see were he is coming from. I have never stole anything other than a candy bar when I was like 12 but if it is between me and my family starving or me having to steal some food, you better lock your ****in doors cuz I would do it in a heartbeat

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