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JWS's Final Mock.

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First, I think there is a real good chance we move the pick in some way, shape, or form. I am not sold that the Chiefs are willing to part ways with Glenn Dorsey. Personally, I think he can succeed in the 3-4 as a DE, but that's another point. Other then that I am going with the picks as they stand right now.

Scenario 1.

1. Evander Hood DT 6'3" 300 DT Missouri

-Most of you already know I have been high on this guy since January and he has been my first pick in my many mock drafts. I think this selection will go along way in solidifying our defensive line.

2. Patrick Chung 5'11" 212 S Oregon

-Another player I love. I would like for him to be a an inch or two taller, but he plays like an enforcer. He reminds a lot Reggie Nelson. Not quite the prospect Nelson was, but still a solid pick.

3. Tyrone McKenzie 6'2" 243 LB South Florida

-I think he can help push Nicholas for playing time as a rookie. I ultimately think Nicholas will win the starting job, but McKenzie will be a great 4th linebacker.

4. Brandon Williams 6'3" 262 DE Texas Tech

-Purely a pass rush specialist at this point in his development. He has very good athletic ability, but will need time to learn and grow. I can't think of many guys to watch besides John Abraham.

5. Tyronne Green 6'2" 309 OG Auburn

-Did a great job at the Senior Bowl. Played in a big time conference and was very successful. I do wonder if he can play center. I am not suggesting that he will take over this year, but could be a nice replacement for McClure next year.

5. Lydon Murtha 6'7' 306 OT Nebraska

-Back to back offensive lineman may seem strange in a draft that is going to be focused on defense, but Murtha is a very athletic, long player. Good results at the combine and has good upside.

6. Captain Munnerlyn 5'9" 182 CB South Carolina

-I think he size will push him down quite a bit. He isn't remarkably fast either for a smaller. That said, he did a good job in college playing against elite competition.

Scenario 2.

1. James Laurinaitis 6'2" 244 LB Ohio State

-I might catch heat for this, but other then Aaron Curry, I think he is the safest pick among the linebackers. I feel, again other then Curry, that he is the most NFL ready. This is important to Dimitroff, make no mistake. He loves football and has an excellent football IQ.

2. Fili Moala 6'4" 305 DT USC

-I think this kid gets ignored on our message boards. Everyone talks about the great USC linebackers, which I think they were, but if they had scrubs in front of them they wouldn't be what they are. Moala is strong and has good size and can move right into the DT rotation as a rookie.

3. Michael Hamlin 6'2" 214 S Clemson

-Bit of a wiry looking kid, but he doesn't mind throwing his body around and mixing it up. I am not sure he can unseat DeCoud, but I wouldn't be surprised either.

4. Kyle Moore 6'5" 272 DE USC

-I agree with Scott Wright on this kid. Limited upside. That said, I think he can be a role player for us. Should provide adequate depth as rookie.

The rest of my picks would remain the same. (Green, Murtha, and Munnerlyn)

I am actually ok with both scenarios. To be honest, I'll be fine with whatever Dimitroff does.

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