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My OFFICIAL last Mock draft


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Trade: Atlanta Falcons and Cleveland Browns

We Give: 1st rounder

We Get: (2) 2nd rounders

My Reasoning: I think the Browns will eventually trade Braylon Edwards for another 2nd round pick, giving them 3. That puts them in dire need of getting a WR, RB, and rush OLB. I think they will e very high on a player like Larry English or WR like Darius Heyward Bey..... who will not be availabe at their 2nd round picks.

2nd. DE/OLB Michael Johnson- Despite the effort issues, TD seems to be extremely interested in Johnson. He is a local kid whose talent is undeniable. Already in the Chuck Smith program and learning from Abe and Ray Hamilton, I think he can be a BEAST.

2nd. SS William Moore- The steal of the draft on the defensive side of ball. He also Has unlimited potential that our coaching staff can help him reach.

2nd. OG Duke Robinson- He comes right in and boosts our O-Line. Robinson/Blalock gives us a great young G tandem that both have the ability to be pro bowlers.

3rd. OLB Darry Beckwith- Side line- Side Line type LB who can really lock down TEs and RBs. I'm not sure if he starts right away, but he is definitely going to be a good player for years to come. ran a 4.63 40 at his pro day and has all the tools that TD wants in his defense.

4th. OT T.J. Lang- I think he comes in right away and starts at RT. He is extremely talented and will official complete our O-Line.

5th. TE Cameron Morrah- Can learn from one of the best Pass Catching TEs and from one of the best Blocking TEs in the league and be a beast for us in 2 or 3 years.

5th. CB Brandon Fletcher- TD seems content on drafting a guy like Fletcher. He hasn't scouted guys like Jairus Byrd nor Victor Harris so I think he is fine with Chevis and Houston.

6th. DT/NT Myron Pryor- GREAT depth behind Trey Lewis.


QB Tom Brandstater- All the tools to be a solid QB in the league

Depth chart- Bold=new players

QB: Matt Ryan/ Chris Redman/ Tom Brandstaterl

RB: Michael Turner/ Jerious Norwood

FB: Ovie Mughelli

TE: Tony Gonzalez/ Ben Hartsock/ Cameron Morrah

WR: Roddy White/ Harry Douglas

WR: Michael Jenkins/ Brian Finneran

RT: T.J. Lang/ Tyson Clabo/ Renardo Foster

RG: Duke Robinson/ Harvey Dahl

C: Todd McClure/ Alex Stepanovich

LG: Justin Blalock/ Ben Wilkerson

LT: Sam Baker/ Renardo Foster

DE: John Abraham/ Kroy Biermann

DT: Trey Lewis/ Myron Pryor

DT: Jonathan Babineaux/ Kindal Moorehead

DE: Jamaal Anderson/ Michael Johnson

WLB: Mike Peterson/ Darry Beckwith

MLB: Curtis Lofton/ Tony Gilbert

SLB: Stephen Nicholas/ Coy Wire

CB: Chris Houston/ Von Hutchins

CB: Chevis Jackson/ Brandon Fletcher

SS: William Moore/ Jamall Fudge

FS: Erik Coleman/ Thomas DeCoud

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Don't like the 1st pick and I am not comfortable going into the 09 season with those DT's.

Love the Moore and Robinson picks...that would be nice.

My take on the DT's in this draft is that none really fit what we need at NT. Evander Hood and Peria Jerry are not good compliments to Babs. Neither are suited to play NT and take on double teams.

The reason I take Pryor is because he stuffs the run just as good or better than Ron Brace and has the ability to rush the passer. The reason he is a 6th rounder is mainly because of injury. He is the type of guy who can take on a bunch of Double teams and be tha stone wall we need in thr run game.

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I dont think we resigned Foster yet.

No News on him.

"Tj lang is rated a 8.6 out of 10 which is a good grade potential to start his first year"Kiper

I hope we get him for Depth

he is on the roster I believe.

And I'm not sure if Lang will start RIGHT away, but I think he will be starting by mid season.

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Like Jason Williams more than Beckwith but would be very happy with this draft. Also would change Morrah to either Roy Miller or Sammie Lee Hill

Jason Williams played in a very weak league. I think Beckwith is more NFL ready at this point whereas Williams will take a year or two to develop.

I wouldn't take another DT after Pryor. Morrah is just has too much potential imo and learning from TG and Ben Hartsock could make him into a very good player.

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I actually like it overall, but would take an early DT as well, and then take the best DE at our mid 2nd pick.



Sidbury (or MJ)

R. Johnson (instead of Guard)

and keep all the rest...






We lose out on the guard this year, but I think your pickup of a strong OT gives us good improvement on the line this year, and we can get an OG and/or C next year. I think this upgrades the line a lot.

By not using a 2nd on a guard, we get a strong dual threat DT, a pass rushing DE, and a ball hawk safety in the 2nd. Including the OLB in the 3rd, we upgrade all three levels of the defense a lot immediately. We then have a good rotational TE, CB, and DT.

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