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Who would have ever thought at the end of 07'

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Ive been following this franchise for 25+ years and at the end of 07' was probably the lowest

Ive seen this franchise sink. We had that glimmer of hope with Michael Vick that electrified the city and the fan base.. He brought hope and with 1 break of the news everything we hoped for was crushed. New head coaches in and out of this franchise every 3 years.. A owner that might have been to involved in this franchise ...Hires a GM from a video conference. after being left at the alter buy Bill Parcless....That new GM goes out and hires a coach only a select few knew about...Decides to clean house getting rid of veterans that were clubhouse favorites..Gives a backup rb a big time contract .. Onto the 08' draft where 2/3rds of of our fan base wanting the big studded DT ..only a slight few willing to roll dice with the kid from BC...( we heard all the excuses THROWS TO MANY INTS weak arm ) ..kid comes in shines...starts from day 1 ..that backup rb considerations for MVP..The new coach gels with the players and all leads to a playoff game..

Now with a trade for a HOF and us being mentioned as serious contenders...who would have thought this at the end of 07'( yes this team has holes mainly on defense but im sure this front office will find ways to make it work)

Proud to be a Falcons FAN :D

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right after the season ended last year was probably the lowest time for me as a falcon fan. i would've never thought that in in year and a half we'd be gearing up for a possible superbowl run in 09.

this team last offseason all of the analysts were joking on us and saying we'd be the first 0-16 team, turner would be seeing 10 in the box, ryan would be on his back more than he'd be standing up, etc. and now they're all riding us for the TG trade saying we will have the best and most explosive offense in the league (better than NO) and that we've pulled off one of the greatest trades in a while. it's crazy.

i don't think i've ever felt so good about this team before. i'm so ready for the draft.

when we do get our first lombardi it'll feel so much better knowing that we all sat through 07 and never waivered. the ultimate reward.

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Great post Swift. The team hit rock bottom, the lowest of the low. We are back on track, turning into an elite team. I cant wait to see where this upcoming season takes us.

thanks man ...I was reading a blog on arrowhead addict about this Dorsey trade

and some Chiefs fan made me LOL with this comment

2. Arrowhead Gold Says:

That would be great. Then Tony can look forward to “five to six years of competing for championships.”

:lol: us being considered by other fans as legit contenders

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