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The worst idea ever


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I know this is off the subject but it could be falcon related. I am absolutely sick to here that they are thinking about having a Super Bowl over in Europe. I think that is the worst idea I have ever heard in my life. I dont even want a pre season game over there. I get that its a way for the NFL to make money, But why would you take the superbowl or any game away from the american fans wich makes up the largest fan base of any amercian sports? Imagine if they get this done and Atlanta makes it there in the next few years and they have to play the superbowl in europe. It is bs i think!!!!!

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The problem with this is that the everyday fan has been taken out of the equation. we can no longer afford alot of the things that make up the NFL. Most of us are destined to watch from home and may never actually see a real game. Its all about corporations. As long as the NFL explodes, the only real money will be TV and corporations pouring in the bucks. and the fan will just have to cheer from afar.

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You keep the superbowl in America.

If the superbowl goes to London, I doubt any of us would be able to watch it cause of the time zone.

I obviously love the idea, I'd walk to Wembley if I had to. Make it the 2010 Superbowl & I can see the Falcons hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

In all seriousness the time zone is only 5 hours ahead of ET. If the game kicked off at say 7 o'clock all of america could watch it around lunchtime. I have to stay up to 4am to see the Falcons evening games, I can't imagine fans would be put off by an early start.

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In Europe ??

Beyond stupid.

How much d.amn money does the NFL need ? When is enough.................enough ???

Football is an American game that belongs in America.


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to take a quote from the movie office space. " It is Horrible, this idea" hahaa

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The NFL has had "substantive talks" with officials in London about holding the Super Bowl in the city, a senior league official has told BBC Sport.

While commissioner Roger Goodell has previously admitted an interest in bringing the game to London, this is the first confirmation of discussions.

"We've spoken on what it would take to host and for us to bring it over," said events vice-president Frank Supovitz.

"The city has all the facilities needed, and in great quantity."

Supovitz was talking in New York City where the NFL Draft will take place this weekend.

"We have had very substantive conversations with the city of London. We've got to the point of exploring the bid document," he added.

I don't think it's an unrealistic prospect at all

Mark Waller, NFL Head of Sales

Visit London, the capital's official visitor organisation, confirmed that it was pursuing a long-term ambition to bring the Super Bowl to the city.

"Ever since the NFL began playing games in London we have been in discussions with the NFL about what is involved in staging Super Bowl from the host city perspective," said commercial director David Hornby.

"It continues to be something we discuss on a regular basis, without there being any specific timetable or plan in place."

The venues for the next three Super Bowls have already been decided with Dolphin Stadium in Florida, Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas and the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana putting together successful bids.

But London has become the focal point for the NFL's desire to expand the sport globally, and bringing the sport's showpiece event to the city appears to be a real possibility.

Mark Waller, NFL Head of Sales and Marketing, said: "The NFL is a global property, has a global audience, and London is an incredible city from a sports fan's perspective. I don't think it's an unrealistic prospect at all."


Please happen, please happen, please happen!


There is certainly good reason for the NFL to believe that a Super Bowl in London would create sufficient interest for the game to be a success.

In October 2007, the NFL staged its first regular season game outside of the Americas, with over 80,000 fans at Wembley watching the New York Giants defeat the Miami Dolphins.

Last year, 83,000 supporters turned out to watch the New Orleans Saints beat the San Diego Chargers.

Visit London estimate that the match brought about £20m to the city with 7,000 team employees, sponsors and their guests crossing the Atlantic.

Tickets for this year's game in October between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New England Patriots sold out more quickly than for the previous two contests.

However, if London is to host one of the biggest sporting events in the world, it will not be for quite some time.

"It won't happen in the next three or four years because we know where the Super Bowls will be, but these are exciting opportunities for us," Supovitz said

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There is more chance of me replacing Mmatt Ryan as starting Qb and being the super bowl MVP, that there is of the super bowl being played in London.

There are several reasons why it won't happen. The biggest is that the Super Bowl doesn't kick off untim 11.25pm and finish until 3am UK time. Brining the game forward to 6pm UK time (1pm EST), would mean the game kicking off at 9am (or is it 10am?)on the west coast -which would slash viewing figures and advertising revenue stateside. The NFL won't stage games outdoors in cold cities in the US so why should it do sooverseas: London is far too wet and cold in January/February to make this possible.

As for playing regualr season games here, they shold keep it up. There are plenty of dedicated football fans in this country,many ofwhom followed the game for 20+ years, who deserve the opporunity to watch a proper game once a year. To put it in perspective, even if they played 2 overseas games a year, each team would have to play abroad only once every 8 years, and would lose a home game only every 16 years, which isn't exactly too much to ask. Rather than complaining at losing a home game every 16 years, save your money, get yourself a passpoprt and take the oppotrtunity to see a bit of the world...

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