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My one and only mock


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Hi all, i'm a new poster from England, and a massive birds fan. Here's my take on the 2009 draft. I present two different scenarios, one staying where we are and another trading down from #24 for an extra 2nd and 3rd rounder.

Round 1 Clay Matthews or Brian Cushing - LB

I think TD will fall in love with their athletic ability and especially their versatility. I also took into account the possibility of running a 3-4, which will probably suit Clay Matthews with him lining up at DE at times for USC, I also think he has the greatest upside of the two. I think with one of these two, Peterson, Nicholas and Lofton we will have a great linebacking group. If neither is available I believe we will trade down.

Round 2 William Moore - S

Great potential, I love his athletic ability and playmaking, I also think he is the best Safety in the box. He is best suited to our defensive system.

Round 3 TJ Lang - OT

This was the hardest pick, but I feel Lang will be an upgrade on our line and I think he can play C and G. Also with the Mclure situation this pick makes sense.

Round 4 Bradley Fletcher - CB

Tremendous upside and athletic ability. I know we have already worked this kid out and I think he is a TD type player.

Round 5 Cameron Morriah - TE

I know we have Gonzo now, but we have already worked him out, and after watching tape on him I think he is one of the most talented TE's in this years draft. Not Polished in blocking, but a great backup and eventful replacement for Gonzo.

Round 5 Roy Miller - NT

The big, run stopping DT that MS loves. Could be used in a rotation with Trey Lewis and Babs.

Round 6 Brandon Tate - WR

Immediate impact as a returner. And a possible replacement for Laurent Robinson.

The second scenario, if Matthews and Cushing aren't available, we trade down for an extra second and third.

Round 2 Ron Brace - DT or Darius Butler - CB

All depending on who is available, but I think either will benefit the defense. Ron Brace is the big run stopper that MS loves and Butler is one of the most talented CB in the draft and would compete for a starting job straight away. I also think James Laurinaitus is possibility.

Round 2 William Moore - S

Round 3 TJ Lang - OT

Round 3 Gerald McRath - LB

I really like this guy. A player that we have worked out, who is a tackle machine, versatile and athletic.

Round 4 Bradley Fletcher - CB

Round 5 Cameron Morriah - TE

Round 5 Roy Miller - DT

Round 6 Brandon Tate - WR

Please let me have your thoughts on my mock. I know we probably need a DE as well, but I have faith that Jamaal Anderson will come good and if not we can trade him. I think the possible 3-4 plays will suit him better and we will see greater production from him this year.

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